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Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is the largest of the countries in East Africa, 3 times the size of the United Kingdom with 3/4 of the UK population. A third of the country's area is devoted to conservation of nature.

This shows the importance Tanzania places on tourism and wildlife conservation.

The Great Migration

Dubbed the Greatest Show on Earth, to rival any of Andrew Lloyd Weber's famous West-end musicals, the migration of millions of wildlife in the Serengeti ecosystem (comprising Serengeti and Maasai Mara), is a spectacle like no other in the world.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Treks

Very few people haven't heard of this majestic and mysterious snow-capped mountain, Africa's highest peak, standing 3 degrees south of the Equator.

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With over 120 indigenous tribes, Tanzania has an incredibly rich cultural as well as natural heritage.

With such massive land areas to cover, Aim 4 Africa has divided the sections covering Tanzania into four main areas:

By far the most famous landmarks and wildlife spectacles in the world are concentrated in this area - Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro and Olduvai Gorge to name a few.

The region is also famous for it massive coffee, maize and banana plantations with its rich and fertile volcanic soils providing the country's biggest bread basket. It is also in Northern Tanzania that one of the world's most precious gemstones is mined - TANZANITE, at the Mererani hills between Kilimanjaro and Arusha.

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This region is home to the largest wildlife reserve and national parks on the continent - Selous and Ruaha, home to over 150,000 elephant, over 40,000 hippo and a great number of Big Cats, gazelle and bird species.

It is also one of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes with the Udzungwa mountain range and the Rufiji and Great Ruaha Rivers providing permanent water sources to the game parks and villages.

For ease of navigation, Aim 4 Africa has also included the eastern areas in this part, including East Africa's onlyh coastal national park - Saadani, a small but unique park where bush meets beach.

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A truly unspoilt part of Tanzania, this region is home to Africa's deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika and the Mahale mountain range where different primate species are found, including habituated groups of chimpanzees made famous by Jane Goodall and her research team back in the 1970s.

Mahale, Gombe and Katavi national parks are truly exclusive areas ideal for the safari connoiseur seeking a rugged experience with diverse landscapes and wildlife species.

The third largest national park in Tanzania, Katavi has great numbers of wildlife such as topi and buffalo as well as the endangered wild dog (or African hunting dog).
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Bordering the Indian Ocean, Tanzania's historical past has brought settlers from all over the world particularly from Arabia, India, Portugal, Germany and England.

The Swahili Coast has remnants of the country's infamous past steeped in the history of slave trade, however there are also beautiful parts some of which remain unspoilt such as the white (in some parts golden) sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, protected areas offering refuge to numerous endemic species such as red colobus monkey, green turtle and even the ancient coelecanth.

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Tanzania is therefore the country that most discerning visitors will want to visit if not once, then at least two or three times in their lifetime. Having the biggest, best, most diverse and enviable landscapes and cultural heritage makes those who have visited the country yearn to return for more.

Best time to travel

Tanzania is excellent to visit year-round. Peak season for a Tanzanian safari is December-March (warmest season, temps ranging between 20-25 deg C inland and 32-39 deg C on the coast) and June-August (mainly due to the Great Migration in the Serengeti; temps ranging from 10 deg C at Ngorongoro Crater and 15-18deg C in Serengeti to about 25 deg C on the coast).

Shoulder seasons for a Tanzania safari (ideal times to visit outside peak times) are March, September-November. Low season for a Tanzanian safari is between April and May mainly due to the long rains at that time of year, however the area is green and wildlife flourish during this time, so it is a good time to visit (especially good to visit south-western Serengeti, Maswa plains as this is where the wildebeest young start their first of many migrations with the rest of the herds across the Serengeti).

The advantage of visiting in April-May is that you can make full use of massive price discounts for lodge accommodations (camping isn't suitable in this season) as well as great international flight deals. Contact us for more information on when you wish to visit Tanzania or to book a Tanzanian safari. Note that most camps and lodges in southern and western Tanzania are closed for renovations and staff holidays during April-May as those areas tend to get water logged making accessibility more difficult.

We also do not conduct any mountain treks in April-May as the trails are quite treacherous at that time of year. However Northern Tanzanian safaris (as well as those in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi) continue to operate throughout the year and you may opt to drive or fly in light aircraft between parks.


Accommodation in Tanzania varies from the luxurious to the simple, with luxury mobile camping on safari being especially attractive and more exclusive. For those on a tight budget, we can arrange Tanzanian safaris with basic mobile camping; other accommodation options whilst on a Tanzanian safari include mid range lodge accommodation or semi luxury camping (mobile camping).

All of our camping safaris include three meals a day on safari (plus snacks and hot beverages) prepared by a professional camp cook. More luxurious accommodations on safari in Tanzania include treetop lodges as well as permanent tented camps and luxury mobile tented camps which tend to be more exclusive and offer a more personalised service. Likewise at coastal and beach destinations in Tanzania, there is a wide range of accommodations from simple beach hotels to larger resorts or the more exclusive beach properties with private villa and bungalows.

Accommodations before and after a Tanzanian safari can be arranged in Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Zanzibar in various city hotels or quaint, charming lodges just outside the main city centres.

A range of accommodation choices in Tanzania can be found on our accommodation pages in the menu above.

Tailor made holidays in Tanzania

We can organise a safari and beach combination holiday, or a trek and safari and beach holiday combination within Tanzania to suit individual interests. We can also organise a multi destination holiday to the other East African countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi or the southern African countries of Zambia and Botswana depending on specific requirements.

For instance we have many couples who like to trek Gorillas in Rwanda then trek Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru or follow that with a safari in Northern Tanzania followed by a relaxing beach holiday in Zanzibar. The combinations of destinations and excursions in Tanzania is limitless, so email us your precise requirements and interests or fill in the Enquiry Form and we can then suggest a Tanzanian safari itinerary to suit you.

Aim 4 Africa believes in creating a tailor made program which is as unique as you are - different people have different interests, budgets and requirements. Horse riding or Bird Watching Safaris may not appeal to all, neither does a trek up Kilimanjaro, however there are the more adventurous who would like a fairly active safari itinerary (walking, cycling and boating safaris) whilst others may be content to have a game drive and a hot air balloon safari then follow this up with a few days of sheer relaxation on a beach.

For this reason and as mentioned above, most of our Tanzania safari programs are tailored to suit individual preferences and carried out in small groups - couples, family groups, groups of friends - so they are essentially private groups. Contact us to find out more about a possible Tanzanian safari-beach-adventure holiday itinerary for your family or group of friends or see some sample programs of itineraries that you may wish to emulate or adapt to your own requirements.

Visiting Tanzania - Wildlife Safari, Adventure, Beach Holiday, Mountain Trekking, and Cultural Programs.

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Aim 4 Africa's founders were born and brought up in Tanzania, therefore a trip with us to Tanzania means we are not only showing you the most famous aspects of the country, but also areas that are not visited by many foreigners and interactions with tribes that enrich your visit. A Tanzanian safari with us means you arrive as our guest but leave as friends of Aim 4 Africa and all those we are connected with at home - our family and friends!

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