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Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains - Mountains of the Moon.

'The Mountains of the Moon', are a chain of remote fold mountains, set in the very heart of Africa , along the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Ruwenzori Mountains National Park was proclaimed a World Heritage Site to protect the natural beauty, flora and fauna of the area. The Ruwenzoris are a true mountain range created by tectonic movement of the earth's plates, and are not as a result of volcanic activity. The range with its haunting mist-shrouded peaks is 120 km in length and 48 km in width. At the center of the range, six peaks carry permanent snow, three with glaciers.

The highest of these peaks, and the third highest peak in Africa , Margherita, 5109m, stands above the Stanley Plateau, the largest glaciated area on the continent. Looking west, you can see the endless expanse of the Congo jungle, from the east mist and clouds boil up over the Lake Victoria basin in Uganda , sometimes enveloping the range for several days.

The montane forests start above 3000 m and include the giant forms of Lobelia, Heather and Groundsel. Wildlife is prolific – you are likely to encounter lephant, Genet, Chimpanzee, Golden Cat, Forest Hog, Rock Hyrax, Sitatunga, Mongoose, Duiker, Vervet Monkey and the Colobus monkey. The mountains are one of the main watersheds of the Nile receiving rain throughout the year but exceptional amounts from March through till June and September through December.